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Brain Exercise benefits

Benefits of midbrain activation

Benefits of mid brain activation

Brain exercise is a training program that helps you to increase your learning ability, thinking capability, improves concentration, boost self-confidence leading to a brighter academic performance and growth. With the Midbrain Activation Training we are able to understand and solve the most difficult problems in a simple way. Brain training is the field of Brain health / Brain fitness and is a very popular topic worldwide. In the global market nowadays new tools are easily available for Empowering Mind and to increase your brain power. You can try those brain fitness games, brain puzzles, brain training software from internet.

In your spare time you can practice brain training at your home as well. It’s very easy and you can feel a big difference in your memory power and knowledge level.

Brain training works well for Brain Developmentbecause it’s providing training in those areas that takes hugeeffort to develop. We often came across a situation that unlike other subjects a person dislikes or is not good in a particular subject for example mathematics. The reason behind this is they can’t concentrate and practice mathematics for very long duration, and his or her brain is getting fatigued. If they startpractising brain training exercises, their brain thinking and concentrating ability will improve and they are able to understand and practice mathematics in a better way.

BENEFITS OF BRAIN EXERCISE                                       

We all know the importance of brain in our human body. Mostly Brain is related to increase memory and intelligence. When we grow oldour capability to think and remember decreases. Some scientists are of the opinion that if we are doing regular brain exercises, we can keep our brain young and healthy. Mostly people in India don’t believe that regular brain exercises are helpful for increased memory and retention, but today many scientists worldwide recommend that people should do brain exercises. When we can do exercise for our fitness and to maintain our body healthy, we can spare some time and energy for brain exercises as well.Our brain needs some type of regular exercises like meditation, yoga, pranayama, puzzles, games etc. Doing these exercises is exciting and it will be great fun practising these exercises. Benefits of some of the brain exercisesare as follows-

 1. With the help of regular brain exercises production of new brain cells are provoked and it increases our brain volume in key areas.

2. When we are doing regular brain exercises we can improve brain balance.

3. By doing brain exercise you can have good sound sleep, which is required for good brain development.

4. Brain exercise helps your body to control weight and also control cholesterol and blood pressure.

5. Brain exercises could help you to avoid stress and hence can help in reducingthe chances of having heart disease and stroke.


Brain training is not a magic formula it was discovered by scientists few years ago. This will make your brain think smartly and quickly.Regular brain training will lead to better brain performance and improvement in your thinking capabilities and concentration.

What Is Memory? - Memory means Brain’s retention ability. This includes recognition, verbal or episodic.

What Is Attention? Attention is the brain ability to focus while avoiding unwanted distractions.

What Is Fast Thinking?-Fast thinking is a brain ability to react to some situations and to provide appropriate solutions.

 All the above activities are done to stimulate our brain for better thinking and retaining capabilities. Brain always learn some good things in our daily routine, But regular brain training is also required. Midbrain Master is a person whose brain is more active compared to a person who didn’t receive proper brain training.If brain is not properly trained there are chances that some people are prone to degenerative disease like Alzheimer .Therefore it is advised that one should practice more brain exercises to keep his brain healthy.

 Brain fitness is like your physical fitness the way you improve your core muscles by doing exercise, crunches etc. similarly we need to train our brain by doing various exercises. Type of brain exercise depends on which brain functions you want to improve.If you want to improve your memory for better concentration in different fields, cognitive skills or creative activities these exercises are helpful to train your brain. These types of exerciseswill help you in improving your memory, brain speed, attention and increased intelligence.When our brain is able to store information, we can use this information in future for different purposes.After that we will be using our five senses (touch, smell, hear, taste, sight) to focus on minute details of stored information. If we are not aware about our brain effective information and details, we cannot train our brain to our brain function properly. Brain collects a lot of information from different spheres of life through sounds, senses feelings, Shapes etc. But when we grow older our brain thinking and retention capability decreases due to that we miss out important details and information.Due to slow Midbrain Activation it becomes quite difficult to understand things. We are often unaware about these changes happening in us andwill keep on wondering about those changes. Since we all are busy in our day to day activities therefore we are unable to pay attention to these things. But the truth lies in the fact that our brain is also getting older with us. Some researchershave proofedthat if you keep your brain active on a daily basis, you will never face these types of problems in your Life. With the help of brain training you can achieve your goals, augment concentration power, and improve memory capabilities leading to better understanding complex problems and devising its solution in a simple way. Studies conducted world over have also proved that your performance in school Days will be improved by doing regular brain training exercises.


Some experts have done research and found that if we do 20 minutes of brain training exercises every day, we can improve our memory, intelligence and our ability to retain in a better way.


Drinking More Water:

 It is prescribed by all health experts that if we consume more water before doing brain exercises, this will increase our brain function and performance.

We all know that our brain is composed of 85 percent of water. Our human body functions generally depend on quantity of water intake. In our body water provides electrical energy to the brain, which willbe used for our brain functions. Due to that our memory processing improves and it gets sharper. Brain cells need twice the energy required by other cells of human body, and water helps to store this energy in more effective way.

When we drink a lot of water then our brain function in a hydrated state, this will lead to proper thinking ability and memory retention.

So it is advised by health experts that when you wake up in morning, you drink at least a glass of water to quickly start your optimal brain function.

 Brain Buttons:

Brain buttons is an exercise, with the help of which we can improve flow of blood to the Brain to ‘’Switch On ‘’ the entire brain.

In brain buttons exercise, place your one hand around your navel and with fingertips of other hand rub the space between your first and second ribs (Which you can find under the collarbones) on either side of the sternum.

Brain buttons exercise stimulate your Vestibular system (Through the solar plexus) and your upper hand stimulate the carotid bar receptors (Causing a mild parasympathetic shift).

 Deep Breathing: 

For maintaining normal brain functions, Oxygen plays a very important role. By takingdeep breathe we are improving our learning skills. Brain weight in human body is around 2 percent. Brain receives 15 percent of the cardiac output, and 20 percent of total body consumption. Your diaphragm involves natural breathing. When you inhale your large muscle of abdomen expands and when you exhale it contracts.

Mostly people forget to use these breathing methods, and use there chest And Shoulders. Due to this there breathe are short and shallow leading to increases in anxiety level and stress.

steps for Benefits

When people thing to do brain exercise, most of people thought it associated with exercise, being active, moving one place to another .One thing is also in my mind how mediate can help in brain training while being in a relaxed and calmed state, well mediation can help to improve the ability of the human body brain to deal with stress and anxiety. If you are not taken unnecessary burden in mind your mind doesn’t take stress in longer way. And you will be able to focus properly. Meditation can be formal and informal and you’ll mix it with yoga or tai chi for physical fitness.What makes some people smarter than others?
Experts have known one thing called cortical modules which may simply be the key to understanding variations in intelligence. Cortical modules are interconnected neural cells that are the bottom to learning cognitive skills.The mapping of the cortical modules is generally determined before you are even born,however, learning and experiences conjointly contribute to development.This in progress learning is known as cognitive plasticity and might be developed and distended throughout your whole life.
Drink Coffee+

Today, people are used to drink coffee regularly. Coffee is good for the  brain , it provides the short term benefits of accuracy and increasing speed ,a s well as enhancing a sense of well being .Coffee contains caffeine that can contribute to health in variety of ways. Drink coffee helps to sharp your brain activities also .The caffeine in coffee can actually assist in the stimulation of some cognitive abilities. Most of the working properly, computer programmers mechanics, students, travelers are drink coffee regularly to keep our mind active for whole day.

Avoid Dangerous Chemicals+
Most of the chemical does not give good result for our body, and we are also not able to understand the adverse effects of chemicals in the body .These chemicals are not healthy for our brain. We can prevent our brain from chemicals which are available in the market in very large way. There are some tips for avoiding chemicals in life which are as follows-
    •    Keep away from smoking.
    •    Maintain healthy diet.
    •    Avoid alcohol.
    •    Do exercise regularly.
Exercise Your Brain+
•    Our brain also needs exercise just like your muscles do. If you do exercise   in the right way you can achieve your goals and increase your ability and do your work much more concentration. Healthy habits include some protein, vitamin, mineral foods in your daily meals. Do more social activities and doing some different form of exercises which are beneficial for our brain. Our brain is love physical exercise, and doing this kind of exercise we can growth our new brain cells and keep our body fit and fine.
Exercise Your Body+
•    Exercise keeps our body healthy and helps to live longer. Whenever you do exercise it keeps blood flows to every organ in our human body .And it also good for your skin also which is the largest organ in our human body. Yoga and other type of exercise is also reduce stress and anxiety in our life. Daily exercise keeps our brain mentally and physical fit .It also burn more calories in our body, and prevent form weight gain in your body. When you doing exercise regularly, it looks your body good, and you feel better, it makes feel better about yourself also. Other physical benefits include we can increase better coordination, speed, ability and flexibility.
Do Something Creative+

Creativity we can show in many ways, it is also good for our brain .We can experiment in our cooking, painting, gardening and so many others filed which associated with creativity. We are original creative who is comfortable with being creative and being among the creative. You can easily achieve opportunity to increase your creativity in a better way. Learn new things in your life which you can help to develop your brain in good way.
The brain wants constant stimulation to remain active.Stop giving it novel or stunning activities to deal with and it’ll merely slow down and age faster.To be more effective,training must be challenging—make it too straightforward on yourself and therefore the effort needed will not do a lot of for your brain fitness.
Once something gets simple,punch it up a level.Keep it new and attention-grabbing,however, make sure that activity itself is rewardful.If you are continuously frustrated,you will find yourself stressed.Creative thinking is good for stress and also for your brain.plus,learning a new skill makes you feel confident and helps lookout of tough gift decisions.

Get a Good Night's Sleep+
Sleep is very good for brain to recharge. Just like when we charge our mobile phone it performs better than previous, the same rule apply for sleep also it charge our brain in a fresh way. Sleep regenerates the brain, allowing enhanced performance the following day.
Sleep deprivation not only makes it tougher to recollect things you already know,it additionally makes it harder to process new information.Therefore, if someone gives you his or her telephone number when you are exhausted and sleep deprived,you are a lot less likely to recollect it than if you are well rested.
Can MRI and PET scans show us how the brain functions?
MRI and PET scans have allowed scientists to see actually what happens in the brain once you are involved in a particular task.When your brain is stirred up,your neurons become active with a series of  electric reactions.Speacialists can see how those reactions have an effect on the brain,However learning occurs and what a part of the brain is used for each type of activity.
Take Vitamins and Special Supplements+
When we are talking about  vitamins and supplements , both are not required in a well balanced diet .Many patients are suffer from nausea , fatigue , poor diet ,which can affect their ability to cook and eat a balance diet.Although multivitamins and iron supplements do provide nutrition, but every time it is not good for our brain .When your doctor recommended only then you can eat vitamins and special supplements in your diet.
According to several specialists,however,2 key supplements can help your brain.one is ginkgo biloba.Though not all studies agree on the specifics of however the herb works,ginkgo looks to boost memory in older,adults,facilitate treat dementia,and improve blood flow to the brain and enhance cognitive function.
The second one is “brain supplement” is folic acid.Folic acid is truly used to treat brain damage and plays a vital role in mental health.studies have shown that folks with low levels of folic acid are possible to expertise deeper individuals who are depressed have low levels of folic acid in their bodies.
Eat Better+
To learn effectively, it is necessary to eat healthy food to keep our brain in better condition. Include our meals in fruits, lots of variety of vegetables, to keep your brain functioning well.
Nuts and seeds are good foods because of vitamin E content;vitamin E is important to keep up the cognitive function as you age.Beans,pomegranate juice and avocados can help to keep your brain in shape by lowering blood pressure,also maintaining good levels of energy and providing potent antioxidant benefits.
The best news? You can finish the day with a cup of the tea and you can take dark chocolate to keep you focused and improve your mood.Blueberries and delicious are fresh;they are brain food.
Reduce Stress+
It is very important for our health to reduce stress in every sphere of life. Today everyone knows about stress, per day you face many kinds of problems which affect your life in many ways. Stress means feeling of strain, tension which can feels you under pressure. Stress have include many reasons such as suppose your husband / wife  has left you, you Face tough completion in your office, your family is facing money problem, your job is not working well , and also some other reasons which affect you very bad way. When we are talking about stress, it hurts our life in physiological and emotional factors. When students not performed well in the exam, then students suffers from this stress. Stress reasons are several but stresses become more and more stress. From one person stress is defined by other way , and another person is mean by different way .Stress is due to physical , mental , psychological , biological factors in life. By having stress in your life you can suffer some critical diseased like hypertension, thyroid, diabetes, insomnia, herpes etc. Your stress is can configure for long period in your life .For having stress sin daily routine life you can cause angriness , suffering from poor concentration in your study and irritation in every work. Stress are take place in your life for many causes such as family fights , marriage breakups ,one of your family members can attempt suicide , domestic violence, etc. You easily stress by all these reasons. Sometime reasons are pretty or sometime they can silly. When you feel that your job conditions are dissatisfied kit can also lead to stress in your life. It becomes problem in human life and also creates adverse and positive effects on a person. And this can make your achievement or failure to achieve your goals. Stresses are also affected in your body and mind. We can easily doing exercise and reduce our stress in a better way.